The WDAA is a non-partisan, non-profit professional association for Wisconsin’s criminal prosecutors. We are comprised of criminal prosecutors working in District Attorney’s Offices across the State of Wisconsin, including prosecutors from the Wisconsin Department of Justice. We are governed by a board of thirteen prosecutors who meet regularly to discuss issues impacting criminal justice throughout the state. Additionally, we have three advisory committees that address matters related to communications, technology and the legislature.

The WDAA seeks to improve the administration of criminal justice in the State of Wisconsin. Towards that end, we provide shared leadership and advocacy on critical issues relevant to all of Wisconsin’s criminal prosecutors. We work closely with the Attorney General, Governor and state legislators to formulate policies that advance matters related to public safety and criminal justice in Wisconsin communities. We provide the opportunity for members to share ideas and collaborate on criminal justice issues. We co-sponsor two annual statewide prosecutor education programs with the Department of Justice, provide networking opportunities for our members and advance issues relevant to Wisconsin prosecutors. We also acknowledge and recognize the outstanding work of individual prosecutors.

The WDAA was instrumental in increasing the number of prosecutorial positions statewide as well as ensuring pay progression for Assistant District Attorneys. These additional resources ensure that we are able to retain qualified, experienced prosecutors, devote more time to individual cases, and utilize evidence-based models of decision-making. In turn, this allows us to focus upon offender-based rehabilitation to achieve safer communities.

Membership in the WDAA is voluntary.